Custom Consent Dialogue For Google Admob

In the previous tutorial Implement Consent Dialogue For Google Admob gives you good overview about implement AdMob consent SDK in android app and in this tutorial we learn implementing custom consent dialogue. There are two ways to display consent dialogue and get consent from EU citizen. 1.Display Google Rendered Consent Dialogue. This consent dialogue (form) is only support if you have selected custom set of […]


Implement Consent Dialogue For Google Admob

In this article we are about to learn that how to integrate Admob Consent SDK to create android app GDPR compliant. Please ensure that this tutorial is only for AdMob publishers of Android Mobile Application. Before the proceed let’s see that what’s GDPR. To learn more about integrate admob consent SDK read the official page.   INTRODUCTION   1.What is GDPR ? GDPR Stands for […]