Custom Consent Dialogue For Google Admob

In the previous tutorial Implement Consent Dialogue For Google Admob gives you good overview about implement AdMob consent SDK in android app and in this tutorial we learn implementing custom consent dialogue. There are two ways to display consent dialogue and get consent from EU citizen. 1.Display Google Rendered Consent Dialogue. This consent dialogue (form) is only support if you have selected custom set of […]

Android Custom ListView With Image And Text

ListView is one of the frequently used component in Android app development. Today we are going to learn how to implement custom ListView with image and text. ListView is an composite control which groups multiple items and display them in vertical scrollable list. There are two approach to implementing ListView in Android. Android Default ListView Custom ListView Here we are learn how to customizing the […]


SQLite Database Tutorial In Android

SQLite Database in Android used to store persistent data. If you want to store some data into local storage then SQLite Database is the most common storage option. It is lightweight database that comes with Android OS. In Android There are others data storage options also available Like Shared Preference to store small amount of data in form of Key / Value pair. SQLite Database […]


Implement Consent Dialogue For Google Admob

In this article we are going to learn that how to integrate Admob Consent SDK  to make android app GDPR compliant. Make sure that this tutorial is only for AdMob publishers of Android Mobile Application. Before the proceed let’s see that what is GDPR. To know more about integrate admob consent SDK read the official page.   INTRODUCTION   1.What is GDPR ? GDPR Stands […]